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Breast cancer

Anatomy of the Breast

To learn proper breast care, it is first important to know what it is made up of. The female human breast is a soft organ that is covered with skin. It terminates into a nipple surrounded by the areola. The colour of the areola varies from pink to dark brown in different women. They are usually located within the region of the second to the sixth rib of the thorax. Inside, the breast contains several lobules, which is the region where milk is produced during lactation. There are ducts from each of the lobule moving towards the nipple. These ducts bring the milk from the lobules to the nipple. It is held firm by adipose tissues, which are nothing by fat tissues and Cooper’s ligaments. They are directly located over the pectoral muscles, which are present below the clavicle or the collar bone.

Keep the Breast Clean

A clean breast is a healthy breast. It is absolutely necessary to take regular care of the breast as you would do with any other part of your body. The following methods would ensure a healthier breast.
Wash your breasts daily preferably with cold water. If you do not have time for a full shower, at least sponge the breasts with cold water. This helps in proper blood circulation in the tissues of the breast.
Hot water is not good for the breast, especially if you use steam showers. The heat can melt away the adipose tissue, which is nothing but fat. But an alternate or contrast shower will be good; in which hot water is alternated with cold water. Contrast showers are known to make the breast tissues straighter, and hence the breasts tend to look fuller.
Do not use a soap that dries the skin. Use a gel moisturiser for washing breasts. This will keep the skin on the breasts looking shinier and healthier. Even after the bath, it is advisable to apply a moisturising cream over the breast to retain the moisture within.
Use breast creams twice a day. Breast creams can pull the breast muscles and free them from their internal tension. Breast creams with soy, ginseng or horsetail in their ingredients have better effects. Apply the cream from the nipple towards the chin in a single motion.

Massage the Breasts Regularly

Massaging is a very effective way of taking care of them and it can be done from within the privacy of the home. Breasts must be massaged at least twice a week to show effects. Simple home massage of the breast can be done in four steps:
Push downwards from the nipple, i.e. towards the abdomen. Use gentle pressure and push downwards slowly.
The second step is to lift the breast. Hold the breast with both your hands and pull away, towards the nipple. Release the breast when the nipple is stretched to its maximum. Repeat this for a couple of times. Be sure not to apply too much pressure.
Then, hold the breast with both hands as above. But instead of pulling upwards, perform a twisting movement on the breast. First twist the breast clockwise to as far as it would go, and then twist anticlockwise. Repeat the whole movement for a couple of times.
Finally, place both hands on a breast and apply pressure moving downwards. Do not touch the nipple. The pressure should be on both sides of each breast. The last step fleshes out the breast to its maximum.
Massaging can be done at home, but care must be taken. Never apply so much pressure that it begins to hurt. Breasts are held only by adipose tissue, and it would never do to get those tissues damaged. If in doubt, visit a good massage therapist at least for the first time to get into the hang of things. There are special types of massages also, like water massage. Hold a jet of water to the breast, away from the nipple. The water should be neither too hot nor too cold. Then rotate the jet in tiny circles around the breast for several times. This is a sure way of building up blood circulation in the breast.

Breast Exercises Also Help

Finally, no physical endowment can be improved without exercise, and the same is the case with breasts. Since breasts are bundles of fatty tissues, exercises will not directly affect the breast, but they will provide rigidity to the pectoral muscles that underlie the breast. This will definitely make the breasts shapelier.
Following are some of the beneficial exercises for breast improvement:
Lie on a flat surface on your back. Raise your hands skywards (preferably holding a pair of dumbbells). Then bring the hands slowly down. Keep them in that position for a couple of seconds and then raise them again.
Stand with your feet apart and arms akimbo. Bend downwards and perform rotating motions. Repeat this for ten times in either direction – clockwise and then anticlockwise. Several asanas of Yoga also have direct benefits on breast enlargement. Some of them are Vrikshasana, Stabdhasana, Surya Namaskara, etc. Regular care of them is also very essential for the overall physical wellbeing of the woman. Not only do good breasts promote health, they also enhance the confidence of the woman in day-to-day life.


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