AWHPI Monthly Health Awareness Campaign

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Covid-19 Response

COVID19 has had a disproportionate impact on women globally and women, particularly those living in disadvantaged communities have been hit the hardest. Often women in these communities lack access to sanitation, access to masks for prevention and access to information. AWHPI has mobilised support to secure a large quantity of masks that have been distributed to the communities most in need starting with Nigeria and will continue throughout the pandemic to offer its support to address sanitation, access to information and distribution of masks that can prevent the spread of the infection.

Africa Women Health TOT and Disease Prevention Program

AWHPI is launching a program in 2021 that focuses on advancing women’s health in Africa through:

  • Prevention of disease through information and awareness
  • Training of community healthcare workers to enable basic care in the community

Currently, seeking grants and resources to run the program with a view of launching in April 2021.

Mental Health

AWHPI is launching a program in March 2021 focusing on extending mental health and wellness support for women in marginalized communities. The program will focus on survivors of violence and will be centered on:

    • Self-discovery and transformation
    • Overcoming trauma and stress
    • Building and cultivating resilience
    • Healthy body and healthy mind

The program will be rolled out through the help of global health and wellness experts. It will be followed by setting up community-based support networks for women to access support at any time.

Educate A Child

AWHPI will launch the “Educate a Girl” program inviting the public to sponsor the education of a girl in Africa, and to secure the provision of school supplies for each girl. The program will launch in February 2021.