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Make plans today to travel with the AWHPI mission team for a twelve day Charity Medical Mission trip to West Africa to distribute free medical and health supplies to the women and children of that region. Our journey will begin on Wednesday, April 6 and end Tuesday, April 18, 2011.

Our staff of volunteers include physicians, (Internal Medicine, Primary care, Dentist, OB/GYN, Optician, Podiatry, cardiologist, Oncology), nurses and other professionals who are called into the healing and health ministries. Individuals, married couples, and teams are encouraged to go. The requirement includes anyone with the burning desire to serve.

Our primary purpose is to enumerate the problem of healthcare, determine what can be done and what role AWHPI can play.  We will visit areas such as Lagos State Oshun, State Delta, and State ABUJA (Federal Capital City Territory).


• Health Policy & Public Education
• Facts, Analysis, & Explanations
• Collect Equip via Donations
• Medical Services Donated