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Donate to support AWHPI

Your donation will go a long way to support women and girls’ health, we use donations to cover the cost of shipping healthcare equipment to Africa, to sponsor individuals in need of medical care, to sponsor girls requiring funds to access education and to support our programs in the community.

We need your help to achieve this mission.

For more information or cash donations or medical equipment/supplies donation to AWHPI, call +1832-949-1072.
E-mail Princess Ogunlana at: Or visit us on the world wide web:  Donations of any size are gratefully welcomed.

There are several ways to make a donation: CHECKS; CREDIT CARD; MEMORIAL GIFTS; CORPORATE MATCHING GIFTS.  All donations are tax-deductible.


AWHPI Benefit Campaign is an annual opportunity for members and friends to provide financial support to areas of AWHPI they feel are important.

Giving is a personal decision and each person who gives to AWHPI has his or her own answer to that question. In addition to your daily contributions of effort and energy, a financial contribution is an important way to demonstrate your investment in AWHPI and the recipients of AWHPI scholarship. The number of reasons for giving is diverse but all reflect a sincere belief in the work being done here at AWHPI. Ultimately, your participation in the organization is a vote of confidence in the AWHPI Organization as a whole and it future.

Annual gifts from AWHPI members and friends provide necessary monies to programs and services for many essential extras that are not built into our budgets. Many of us have seen first hand the positive effect of private support. Our high level of internal support sends a message to legislators, business owners, foundations, hospitals, and future members: we believe in what we do and are willing to use our own dollars to help support AWHPI mission, locally and internationally.

This year goal is to increase our participation rate to 80%.

When you make contributions to AWHPI Benefit Campaign, you decide where you want your gift to go. Where does my gift have the most impact? Your own interest should be your guide. But AWHPI always has a great need for unrestricted gifts, giving the Organization flexibility in applying monies where they are most needed.

Yes!!! Your gifts to AWHPI are tax deductible under the applicable sections of the Internal Revenue Code.

To make a donation online, please click here, or Please make your check payable to:  African Women’s Health Project International/AWHPI foundation and send to:

African Women’s Health Project International

P. O. Box 792
Alief, TX 77411 – USA

Or call Tel: 832-949-1072 for more information.