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Princess Dr. Moradeun Ogunlana- International Women’s Think Tank

Princess Dr. Moradeun Ogunlana, and UN Ambassador for Peace is globally recognized as a leader on women empowerment.  She is the CEO of Innovative Global Consulting, an Infrastructure, Agriculture, Energy, Business, and Economic Development corporation connecting businesses in Africa to the World. She is also the Founder/CEO of African Women’s Health Project International an international non-profit […]

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HIGH PROFILE: Princess Moradeun Ogunlana concentrates on helping less fortunate women, children

by RENARDA A. WILLIAMS SPECIAL TO THE DEMOCRAT-GAZETTE | November 15, 2020 at 8:36 a.m. During Deun Ogunlana’s many years in Arkansas, she was pretty low-key about her status as a member of one of Nigeria’s oldest and most prominent traditional ruling families. She didn’t tell all and sundry that her grandfather was the late […]

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