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Become an AWHPI Volunteer

Since 1999, volunteers have been the cornerstones of AWHPI. 
Each year, over twenty-five volunteers give their time, energy and skills to provide a wide range of free specialty services.

Gifts from our volunteer staff, members and friends send a strong message to our partners: we believe in the future of AWHPI and are willing to commit our own dollars to make that future prosperous. Simply put, your gifts make good things happen within our organization as well as the recipients that receive health care each year. We are successful because of you. Your giving shows that every gift has the power to make changes at AWHPI, and what we contribute individually combines to create a lasting impact on the lives of others. Please consider making a gift donation to your favorite project through this campaign.

The Central Role of Volunteers

AWHPI was founded and staffed entirely by dedicated volunteer physicians, nurses, pharmacists, lab technologists, medical assistants, psychologists, administrators, and receptionists. Volunteer contributions translate into hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of free services to those in need each year.

Serving global health needs at AWHPI is tremendously rewarding. Many volunteers gain professional skills in medicine and public health administration in addition to the personal satisfaction of assisting clients and making a difference in their community. Volunteer opportunities enable physicians and other licensed health professionals to donate their skills to patients in need and to mentor others preparing to enter the health field.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers work as medical assistants, medical technologists, phlebotomists, front office assistants, and administrative assistants. AWHPI also serves as a training ground where medical residents and students enhance their clinical skills and experience the free clinic approach to providing free, nonjudgmental care. For more information about volunteer opportunities, please call the Volunteer Coordinator at 501-563-8865.


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