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Mission, Goals, and Objectives

Our mission is to promote and nurture individuals in the area of health enrichment, health education, economic, community development, and general primary healthcare issues.

African Women’s Health Project International is a non-profit foundation that was formed to improve health care needs of women in Africa who will otherwise not have adequate healthcare. While the majority of people who live in poor nations of the world have been preoccupied with the struggle for basic necessities of life (food, water, clothes, and shelter), cancer has silently grown to be an enormous problem, specifically – breast and cervical cancer. Each year over 500,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer, and 80% of them reside in developing countries. The majority of these women die within a short period of time due to lack of adequate medical care. Most are young married and have children.

Thus, in Africa where mothers are relied upon to provide for and raise the children, cancers not only steal their lives, but also tragically disrupt the entire family. The core focus of AWHPI is to reach women with the medical care they so desperately need during their reproductive years and through this effort also address the other basics that affect their quality of life.

Through our Health Policy and Public Education programs and collaboration with the other healthcare professionals in the US and around the world, we provide facts, analysis, and explanation on healthcare issues to the policymaker, the media, and the public. We will work to broadly communicate information about healthcare and give people information that can help improve their health.

As part of this effort, the foundation collect medical equipment and supplies via donations from hospitals, private practitioners, medical manufacturers, retail stores and other private donors in the USA to be transported and used in these areas. Physicians, nurses, and other medical personnel donate their services to perform treatments at the various mission locations. With this Charity Foundation, we have the ability to save lives around the World by using the tremendous surplus of medical items generated here in the United States.

Goals and Objectives:

To provide primary and general medical care for women and children
Objectives: Conduct health and wellness seminars in local townships.  Recruit medical personnel and clinician to train target population.

To obtain and distribute medical equipment and supplies to be use in the provision of health and wellness
Objectives: Recruit a contribution committee and advisory board.
Solicit both cash and in-kind contributions from corporations, governments, foundations, and private organizations nationally and internationally. This objective will be achieved through working with partners such hospitals, use of private practitioners, medical manufacturers.   

To setup free medical clinic in local teaching hospital.
Objectives: Acquire the proper rules and regulations for operation.
Seek approval from governmental entities.
Recruit personnel for volunteer services.
To disseminate information and educate local township of accessible services.

To involve parents in their children's learning and helps parents make progress toward their educational, literacy and employment goals.
Objectives: Create after-school tutorial programs for youth and parents.  We will also schedule and adult youth entrepreneurial training workshops

To provide mentors for youths who can serve as role models to address their future aspirations.
Objectives: We will identify, contact and solicit the support of professional and lay persons to serve as mentors.  We will offer a business / youth day which will allow youth to shadow professionals for entire days. Also, we will establish a scholarship program geared towards any needy students pursuing a carrier in health care field.

Needed Supplies
List of Items Needed in pdf format

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At AWHPI we realized that if we are to make significant changes in the motherland, we need your help. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law under the 501(c)3 status by the IRS.

We are in need of monetary, gift-in-kind and volunteer contributions. We need monetary contribution in other to ship the donated supplies to their destinations in Africa. We ask that you assist us in bringing healing to the women and children of Africa.

Donations can be sent to:
African Women’s Health Project International
P. O. BOX 55793
Little Rock, AR 72215

• Health Policy & Public Education
• Facts, Analysis, & Explanations
• Collect Equip via Donations
• Medical Services Donated