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AWHPI Scholar Program
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  • Dr. Patricia “mPata” Washington McGraw Educational Scholarship givento an exceptional Arkansan High School student

  • Educational Sponsorship for a child in Africa

  • Bringing the Gap for Pen-Pal relationship between children in Africa and US

Dr. Patricia Washington McGraw
Noted Educator, Author and Humanitarian Dr. Patricia Washington McGraw is a retired University of Central Arkansas professor of English and African/African American Studies. Recognized for her outstanding achievements as an educational/civic leader and social advocate, she has received over 300 teaching excellence and community service awards on the local, state and national levels.

Dr. McGraw is a noted author having published seven books and more than 500 articles and works of poetry. Her most recent work is a novel titled Hush! Hush! Somebody’s Calling My Name. Her work as a humanitarian has taken her to Africa seven times, having visited 18 countries on the continent. In 1999, on Lake Kivu, between the East African countries of Rwanda and the Republic of the Congo, members of the Rwandese Parliament presented an island to her. In West Africa, she is known as Nana Hemaa Akua Asantewaa, which translated means Queen Mother, born on Wednesday and great warrior. Dr. McGraw serves as Queen Mother of Imani Temple, her spiritual affiliation, and has served on numerous boards, task forces and initiatives to make her community, her world, a better place to live

The AWHPI Child Education Sponsorship program is a nonprofit organization that is reaching underprivileged children all over Africa.

Will you help us to give disadvantage children in Africa care and education through our charity organization?


Potential sponsors may contact us for a sponsorship commitment form. When the form is returned, along with the quarterly pledge of $50.00 a photo of a child from Africa of your choice will be sent, along with some brief information about the child.

Sponsorships can be sent for one year in the amount of $200.00 a year or however long you wish to sponsor a child. It is up to the sponsors to determine how long they want the commitment but we are asking that your commitment be at least one year. All sponsors will have an opportunity to continue the sponsorship, but is not obligated to do so.

100% of all sponsorship gifts go to the support of the children.
Administration costs are underwritten by designated donations and fundraising projects

What will I Receive in Sponsoring a Child?

In sponsoring a child I will receive a photo and short personal history of your child, the opportunity to correspond with your child, and the joy of knowing that you’re making a different and giving a gift of love to a needy child.

Unlike most charities the full $200.00 a year or more goes to children all over Africa.  This $50.00 per quarter or $200.00 a year will cover school fees, supplies and sometimes medical to aid in the development of their education. Under no circumstances will donations be used for administration.


• Health Policy & Public Education
• Facts, Analysis, & Explanations
• Collect Equip via Donations
• Medical Services Donated