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AWHPI Health Conference and Symposium
"Nurturing a Helping Hand of Hope

You are cordially invited to participate in the Africa Health Conference and SymposiumA State of Healthcare for Women in Africa, a wonderful 4-day event that is scheduled for June 1 – June 4, 2011 at the Statehouse Convention Center in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA.  Not only is this the first event of its kind in the state of Arkansas in which providers will meet each other and share information, also it will include free health screening, cultural exchange, fashion show, investment opportunities in Africa, and collaborative partnership of the US Medical Doctors with the African-trained Doctors and other healthcare professionals. The sole purpose of the conference is to aid in the bringing free health care delivery to the women of Africa. The plight of African women regarding their health is one that we cannot all pretend to notice, hence the need to reach out to them with relief materials.

Please mark your calendars for this very important occasion. We hope you will join us! Please call us with any questions or suggestions. You may want to view our web page at www.awhpi.com where we will have periodic updates and an on-line registration.

The Conference will focus on the often unrecognized health threats experienced by women and feature workshops on a range of health topics including cancer, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, breast health, violence against women and mental health. The action-oriented workshops will provide opportunities for collective thinking and creative problem-solving and are designed to:

  • Increase awareness about health issues of women of African descent
  • Increase knowledge of strategies to promote positive health outcomes
  • Explore current prevention strategies, including strength-based approaches that work in various communities
  • Foster community partnerships to identify and implement the best practices to target prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases that disproportionately affect women of African descent

In addition to the free health screening, International Fashion Show, and entertainment; plenary sessions will include:

  • Violence Against Women: Current Strategies for Prevention and Intervention
  • From the Eyes of Women: Reflect, Redefine, Rethink, Recreate, and Revive
  • Overcoming Challenges: Through Education and Commitment

Plenary Session Topics:

  • Embracing Wellness in all aspects of our lives
  • Heart Disease: The undiagnosed Killer of Women of African Descent
  • HIV/AIDS in the African-American community
  • Diabetics: Meal Planning for health eating in the African-American Communities
  • We Matter Forum…Vitamin D in your diet – the battle to defeat bone deficiency
  • Strengthening your Immune System
  • Know your Numbers… fitness and wellness check and workout
  • Take Charge of your Health

We hope you will join us!  More details and online registration is forthcoming.  Please continue to visit our site for periodic updates.

AWHPI is a Registered and Incorporated 501(c)3 organization in Arkansas.  All donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law, and all donors will receive an acknowledgement letter confirming their gift.  We look forward to seeing you at the Conference.  For additional information and inquiries, please call us at (501) 563-8865 or email:  awhpi@yahoo.com.

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