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We Care: Africa Medicine Fund
To buy Oral vaccine medicine for pregnant women who are HIV positiv.


AWHPI Community Health Initiative (ACHI) undertakes educational materials development research including:

  • Development and evaluation of peer educational materials for women. and men on the body, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, cervical cancer, contraception, sexuality and other key issues.
  • AWHPI Community Health Initiative (ACHI) also encourages others to do research in women’s health and has initiated an annual research competition in women’s health.

(ACHI) offers training to health managers, other health workers, health advocates and women’s groups in:

  • Gender and Health (1 week)
  • Health Workers for Change –
  • Training for Trainers (1 week)
  • The Leadership Course in Gender and Reproductive Health developed in collaboration with the Harvard School of Public Health and the World Health Organisation (3 weeks)

ACHI also includes workshops to:
Train women to facilitate Woman to Women/Men workshops, especially for illiterate women, on reproductive health problems.

Protecting Maternal and Child Health

AWHPI's Community Empowerment Program (CEP) teaches simple and sustainable ways that communities can improve maternal and child health. In AWHPI classes, participants learn a number of relatively easy ways to greatly reduce the risks of disease and death for children and adults. For example, participants learn the importance of washing hands and dishes with soap, treating drinking water with bleach, and regularly cleaning around wells and water pumps.

After learning about the human right to health, Community Management Committees (CMCs) often launch specific initiatives to improve child and maternal health in their villages. These activities include:

  • efforts to "adopt" a certain number of children to make sure that they receive their vaccinations;
  • similar "adoptions" of pregnant women to assure that they go for prenatal consultations;
  • awareness-raising events on the importance of vaccinations and maternal/child nutrition;
  • the provision of financial support in certain villages to help women pay for prenatal check-ups;
  • conducting baby-weighing sessions and distributing enriched porridge to underweight children;
  • Training community members on the benefits of traditional African infant massage.

Community-led efforts in the area of maternal and child health have led to a rise in vaccination rates, an increase in attendance at prenatal consultations, better follow-up of children's health after birth, and a decline in malnourished children.

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